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It’s often said that good design isn’t noticed, only bad design. Well, while that’s true in essence we don’t quite agree. A bit of extra care about the presentation of your company’s image can give you an effective edge and make you more noticeable than your peers. The trick is to make your design look like it’s not been designed and for our audience to notice you through your image.

Design is in your business whether you want it or not. Your logo, your stationery, your vehicles, your sign, your website…so why not get it right? It’s how you push your brand out into the world and a way for clients to gauge your business’ “personality” before they even decide to contact you. A good brand backed up by proper and consistant usage is a marketing tool that goes out and works for you all by itself 24 hours a day.

It’s frightening how little priority some organisations give their image, handing the design of their logo to a printer or signwriter, or their website to an IT consultant. Obviously, living and breathing design we notice these things more than “normal” people, but it does have an effect on everybody. A shoddy, inconsistent image can put people off without them even knowing why. How you care for your own brand is a sign of how you will care for your clients.

As an experienced design and digital content agency we know our stuff. We could do a massive list of the services we offer here (brochures, photo retouching, illustration, social media, blah, blah) but it should be taken for granted that we can undertake anything your business needs visually, be it working within your established style guidelines, or creating a brand from scratch.

That’s enough chat from us – we’ve got some designing to do

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Joining it All Up

One of our unique skills is seeing the gaps in your business and bridging them. We have developed applications which allow ERP, Accounting and business systems such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV to talk to other software or web apps such as Magento and WordPress and our own bespoke systems. We call it Connections.

You may already have the technology and data to create an ecommerce website or customer portal at your fingertips without realising it. Better links between your departments or IT solutions can have massive advantages. We can pull all of your business systems together to make the connections between you, your internal systems and your cutomers flow. We could add a web frontend to your NAV system, integrate and design email marketing campaigns based on your customers, allow customers to get online quotes direct form your stock database, provide social media marketing for products and services…the possibilities are limitless.

Put simply, Connections can make what you aready have work even better for you.

To find out more about Connections please get in touch.

Funded Innovation

Up to £12,499 Funding Available For Digital Innovation in South Yorkshire!

Superfast South Yorkshire’s Innovation Vouchers (backed by the EU’s Regional Development Fund) make funding available to South Yorkshire businesses in need of digital innovation. Qualifying businesses are eligible for 50% funding (up to a value of £12,500), via Superfast South Yorkshire, towards the cost of your digital transformation project.

What Can I Do With the Money?

To quote the rules:

“For SMEs whose trading address falls into the Sheffield City Region. The objective of SFSY Innovation Vouchers is to assist businesses and third sector organisations to adopt superior ICT business solutions that will provide significant business benefit and growth. Applicants will need to clearly demonstrate the benefits that the innovation will bring and how this will support business growth.”

This means if you want to work with us to …

  • Push your marketing forward by adding a new email marketing system
  • Add a new web portal to your ERP or CRM
  • Launch a bespoke webshop
  • Develop new online services
  • Automate your marketing efforts
  • Utilise your existing data in new ways

…you can get half of it paid for (or do twice as much for what you were planning on spending anyway)!

As usual, there’s a deadline. You need to apply by 4th August 2018.

The Numbers

Actual ‘digital innovation’ costs applied for must be between £5,000 and £24,999.

The scheme will match 50% of these costs, with voucher values between £2,500 and £12,499.50, excluding VAT.

Voucher applications will be assessed against the eligibility criteria and also the suitability of the proposed solution, based on the applicant’s current situation.

The application deadline is: 4th August 2018 and claims by 16th February 2019.

How Do I Apply?

First check you qualify by Downloading the Eligibility Rules (PDF).

Then go to the Superfast South Yorkshire website to apply, or ring them direct on 01709 334334 for a chat.

Business Boot-up Package

You need to hit the ground running. Your new business needs a brand, business cards and stationery. You also need a kit of logos for your social media channels. Our pack gives you…

  • Logo
  • 250 x Full-colour, double-sided business cards (up to five names)
  • 250 x Full-colour letterheads
  • Logo provided in all digital and print file formats for future use

Add in our web packages and you’ve got everything covered and can relax and concentrate on launching your new business.

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Instant Website

Sometimes you need a website quick! Maybe you’re on a tight budget or needing to try a new idea out? No time to mess around getting quotes for bespoke sites? A site with one of our templates will get you up and running fast. You can leave it there, or pick and mix from the list of extras.

All sites are built on WordPress, which is one of the most popular and easy to use systems around. You’re free to create and edit your own content, add as many new pages as you want and you can even update the design in the future without throwing away your content.

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or £600.00+VAT if you add to our Business Boot-up package.

Instant Webshop

If you need to be selling products, our Instant Webshop has all the features of the Instant Website but allows you to become an online shop. Once again, you have full control of your content.

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or £1000.00+VAT if you add to our Business Boot-up package.

Website Extras

  • Hosting: £10.00 per month
  • WordPress Care (safe updates, backups, security): £10.00 per month
  • SSL certificate (gives you https:// and a padlock icon): £10.00 per month

You just bring the content! Alternatively we can offer copywriting, photography and content addition.

Drop us a message for more info…

White Label Work

What Does “White Label” Mean?

It’s where a product is produced by one company without an identifyng brand but sold by another, who brand it as their own. Historically goods were actually provided with a blank, white label which was then overprinted by the seller with their own details.

How Does it Work?

In website terms, we work with design, IT and SEO agencies to fill gaps in their skillset or who are up against a deadline and produce websites (or parts of websites) on their behalf.

Above just doing the work, we can directly communicate with the end client on your behalf and even attend meetings as part of your team, which can cut out a lot of the “Chinese whispers” and middleman problems that often occur on projects with lots of participants. We can even set up email addresses under your name in order to make the end client unaware that you are using outside help.

More than just sub-contracting, we offer a fully managed, discreet service which maintains your relationship with your client whilst allowing you to offer extra services normally outside your scope.

But Won’t You Just Steal Our Clients?

Nope! Why would we? On a white label project we have not had to market ourselves to the client, make a pitch or attend any preliminary meetings. We don’t have to manage the project or the client relationship and we don’t have to bill them and chase them! Sometimes we don’t even have to go through the whole design, proofing and approval process. From our point of view, having a stream of ready-made projects handed to us on a plate far outweighs the temptation of trying to poach clients!

The only cost to us is not being able to put our name to some great work, but, as we do direct client work as well, we’re really not too bothered about filling our portfolio. Th emajority of our white label projects come from SEO or PR agencies, whose work we are not at all interested in doing ourselves anyway, so there is no danger.

Who Do You Do White Label Work For?

Well, we cant tell you! As we said, discretion is part of the deal.

Please get in touch if you want to know more about white label work…